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Marvel Releases A New Poster & TV Premier Date For “Inhumans”

On September 1, Marvel begins a whole new adventure with a group of very special people.  “Inhumans“ will be Marvel’s new series on ABC this fall but they are kicking it off in a big way.  The first 2 episodes … Continue reading

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IMAX Set To Air The Final 2 Episodes Of Season 4 For HBO’s “Game of Thrones” & Offering Commemorative Prints By Robert Ball!

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is a ratings juggernaut and its fans are some of the most loyal around.  IMAX is set to blaze a new path by offering the final two episodes of season four on their massive screens.  This … Continue reading

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Check Out 17 Minutes Of New Footage From James Gunn & Marvel’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy” In GLORIOUS IMAX 3D

If you are like us, you can’t WAIT to see James Gunn’s upcoming sci-fi, action-adventure film, “Guardians Of The Galaxy.”  Well, to quench your thirst for all things Guardians related,  Marvel is releasing 17 minutes at select IMAX 3D theaters. … Continue reading

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IMAX Announces A Matt Taylor “Amazing Spider-man 2” Print Giveaway For First Screenings On May 1st

Chances are, like me, you are eagerly awaiting “Amazing Spider-man 2” to hit theaters on May 1st.  And if you are REALLY like me, then you are absolutely going to see it in IMAX for the best experience possible.  Well … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Man Of Steel Glyph, Fly Through Metropolis In A New Video Game And Enter An IMAX Sweepstakes

JUST in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Zach Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel is kinda a big thing.  The studio is sparing no expense which is highly evident if you drive around Hollywood and witness the plethora … Continue reading

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New IMAX Poster For Star Trek Into Darkness Pits The Enterprise Against The Menacing Dreadnought-Class Warship

Each time we get a new poster, clip or featurette for this film I have to stop, catch my breath and calm down.  Paramount Studios has released a new IMAX poster that features the beloved Enterprise going up against the … Continue reading

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