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Jock’s Variant Covers For DC’s “Dark Nights: Metal #1” Absolutely ROCK!

Are we huge fans of artist Jock?  ABSOLUTELY! Is Batman our favorite DC hero, POSITIVELY!  Are we DYING to get our hands on these variant covers?  WITHOUT A DOUBT!  Here’s what Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have to say about … Continue reading

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Insight Editions’ “The Art Of Jock” Is Utterly Spectacular

One of our mostest-favoritist artist working today is Jock.  If you like pop culture, movies, comic books or are simply into amazing art, then Jock is your guy.  Jock is the three times New York Times best-selling British artist best known … Continue reading

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U.K. Artist Jock + The Dark Knight = TAKE MY DAMN MONEY ALREADY

One of our favorite artists is U.K. mega-talent, Jock and one of our all-time favorite comic book characters is DC’s Dark Knight.  Put these two together and put the end result down on paper and we will gladly hand over … Continue reading

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Scott Snyder, Jock & Image Comics Tease The 2016 Return Of “Wytches”

All we have is an image and a quote: “There’s no trees in the desert…I’ll be safe. right?” Knowing how brilliant Snyder is, I’d be willing to guess that NO, you won’t be safe.  Eisner Award-winning author Scott Snyder and award-winning artist … Continue reading

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Mondo Is Set To Unleash Part 1 Of Their Online Sale For: “75 Years Of Batman”

Everyone has been paying homage to The Dark Knight this year to celebrate his 75th Anniversary and the folks down at Mondo were no exception.  Fans flocked to Austin to see Mondo’s massive tribute exhibit in their Texas gallery featuring some of … Continue reading

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Image Comics Announces Some Great Exclusives for NYCC!

MAN o’ MAN… as New York Comic Con gets closer we are getting hammered with great press releases about all the cool exclusives being offered.  Up next is Image Comics who are bringing a whole bunch of awesome to the … Continue reading

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