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Harry Potter Fans Will Find Khoa Ho’s Set Of 4 Prints As Magical As A Basilisk

Khoa Ho has released a limited edition, timed release of four wonderful Harry Potter prints.  Harry, Hermione, Ron and “the bad guy”, (sorry, we are NOT supposed to utter his name), are all featured and are part of Khoa’s growing … Continue reading

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The Poster Posse Launches Phase 5 Of Their Officially Licensed “Big Hero 6” Project !

We’ve been waiting “patiently” for Disney Animation’s new animated feature, “Big Hero 6.”  Now that it is FINALLY here we gotta make the time to go check it out.  The Poster Posse has just released their 5th phase from their … Continue reading

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Khoa Ho’s Latest Release Pays Tribute To “The Iron Giant”

I know, MondoCon just ended and I also know there was a TON of great “The Iron Giant” work released there.  That being said, you really can’t have enough “awesome” which is why Poster Posse member Khoa Ho has just … Continue reading

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Khoa Ho Turns In A Fan-Tastic Print For “Batman: The Animated Series”

Being that it is Batman’s 75th Anniversary there seem to be tribute projects coming out of the woodwork.  Since he is our favorite DC character, we are completely fine with the non-stop cavalcade of art and projects coming out to … Continue reading

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Watch The New Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” And Look At The New Tribute Poster By Khoa Ho

As with all of Christopher Nolan’s films, “Interstellar” has been behind a veil of secrecy so when something DOES come out, it’s big news.  Such is the case with the first full trailer for the film. The trailer shows humanity … Continue reading

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Khoa Ho Returns To His “Superheroes Past/ Present” Series With An All New Offering From The X-Men Universe

We’ve shown you Poster Posse member Khoa Ho’s past offerings (HERE and HERE)  for his ongoing series titled, “Superheroes Past/ Present” and today we are excited to give you a look at his latest prints.  This time out, in celebration … Continue reading

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