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Marvel Television Announces Star Packed SDCC Schedule

Throngs of Marvel fans were devastated when they learned that Marvel Studios was going to be absent from SDCC 2015.  Now that the Mouse owns Marvel, it only makes sense that they would bring them into the fold at D23.  Good news … Continue reading

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Marvel’s New Ant-Man Poster Has Paul Rudd Hitchin’ A Ride

On July 17th, Marvel unleashes the minuscule might of @AntMan .  (My son is very confused as to just HOW Ant-Man is a superhero being that he is so small.  We can’t see this one soon enough as he has … Continue reading

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Looking For New Footage From Marvel’s “Avengers: Age Of Ultron?” Here You Go

Look there is no way for us to put into words how excited we are to see this film.  There are  so many things to be geeked up over that we are just going to forego listing them all.  What … Continue reading

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Iron Man 3 Gets An All New International TV Spot Where He Introduces Himself

(Fan Poster By Francisco Z) Everybody’s favorite billionaire, Tony Stark, just got an all new International TV spot for the, that’s right, I’m calling it before it comes out, “SMASH-HIT”, Iron Man 3.  In this one Tony utters the words, … Continue reading

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Marvel Announces Global Twitter Event With ‘The Avengers’ Director Joss Whedon

I know that some of you are itchin’ to ask Joss some uber-geeky questions about his upcoming superhero mega-movie The Avengers right?  Well now is your chance.  Marvel Studios has announced that they will be holding a Global Twitter Chat … Continue reading

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