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Take A Look At Some Exclusive Photos From “The Art Of Ken Taylor” Solo Show At Mondo Gallery

Ken Taylor just finished his solo show, “The Art of Ken Taylor“, at Mondo and as expected, he didn’t disappoint.  Taylor is one of the most collected and beloved artists working these days so you can only imagine fervor surrounding … Continue reading

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If You Haven’t Booked Your Tickets To Austin, Texas For Laurent Durieux’s Solo Show At Mondo, Youuuuuu May Want To Change That

When Mondo first announced the upcoming solo show for Laurent Durieux at their LA Mondo Mystery Movie screening, the place when wild.  Well now images are starting to show up and to be rather frank with you, they are some … Continue reading

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Time To Book A Ticket To Austin, Texas! @MondoGallery Announces Solo Show For The Brilliant, #LaurentDurieux, February 2014

Mondo just held their MONDO MYSTERY MOVIE in Los Angeles last week and attendees were treated to the news that their gallery in Austin, Texas would be hosting a solo show for the gifted Belgium artist, Laurent Durieux.  Today, we … Continue reading

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Mondo Announces Creepy New Gallery Show For Halloween: “Tales From The Crypt”

Halloween is RIIIIIIIIIGHT around the corner and Mondo knows JUST how to make it special.  Mondo will celebrate EC Comics & Tales From The Crypt this Halloween with a gallery show that will run from October 25 through November 23. … Continue reading

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Mondo Gallery Announces Their Next Show: “Adventure Time and Regular Show”

It’s time for another Mondo Gallery show down in Austin, Texas and this time up they are  featuring the amazingly creative and colorful worlds that make up ADVENTURE TIME and REGULAR SHOW. After their highly praised and successful ADVENTURE TIME … Continue reading

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‘ADVENTURE TIME’: Mondo Gallery’s Second Event Coming April 27th

Following on the heels of their hugely successful first event, Mondo Gallery is back.  This time they are focusing their attention on art inspired by the hit series on Cartoon Network, Adventure Time. Mondo, the collectible art boutique arm of … Continue reading

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