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Tim Doyle Announces “Jurassic Galaxy” AP & T-Shirt Release!

You snooze you lose right? Well Tim Doyle is giving us a second chance to own pure awesomeness.  Here is the story from Tim himself. “A few weeks back, I got good and drunk. As I do with times like … Continue reading

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Tim Doyle Announces “The Mystery Tube Sale To End Them All!”

Pretty bold claim BUT… Tim has some secret weapons in his arsenal for this one.  Not only will this be his biggest sale with around 270 tubes available but he is also giving fans a shot at a brand new “Unreal … Continue reading

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Tim Doyle Partners With Geek Art & French Paper Art Club To Celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary

As you MUST know by now, Batman is celebrating his 75th anniversary this year and as you can image, the love for the World’s Greatest Detective has been pouring in.  The folks over at Geek Art and French Paper Club … Continue reading

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Tim Doyle’s New Watercolor Portrait Series Continues With “Shiny Punk” Portrait Set Onsale 5/28/14

Remember when you were younger, so much younger than today?  You could spend all afternoon with a tray of watercolor paints, a brush, a stack of plain paper and a cup of water.  Well lucky for us, Tim Doyle not … Continue reading

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Nakatomi Tim Gathers The Troops For The Final Pop-Sub Set And Releases His Artist Proofs For His “Godzilla” Piece

Artist Tim Doyle, AKA “Nakatomi Tim” is releasing the final Pop-Sub set of prints today and he’s gathered a great group of fellow artists to end the series.  This time out he recruited the talents of Florian Bertmer, Matt Loomis, … Continue reading

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Spoke Art, Tim Doyle, The Simpsons, Timed Edition….Nuff Said!

Tim Doyle and Spoke Art are joining forces to bring fans of the TV show that has been a hit for the past 25 years, “The Simpsons.”  Now before you start hitting “refresh” on your computer like a maniac….relax….this is … Continue reading

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