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Olly Moss Geeked Out Doing The New Covers For The Harry Potter E-Books

What happens when you take one of the most beloved young adult fantasy book series and ask a brilliant graphic designer to re-imagine the covers for them.  Well if you are talking about the new Harry Potter e-book series and … Continue reading

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Mondo Announces Stunning “Last Of Us” Vinyl Soundtrack

There are few games that match up with 2013’s brilliant, post-apocalyptic survival thriller, “The Last of Us.”  Created by the fine folks at Naughty Dog, it follows the harrowing journey of Joel and Ellie as they travel across a deadly … Continue reading

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Nasa And Olly Moss Create Some Stunning Travel Posters For Newly Discovered “Exoplanets”

Kepler-16b has been given the moniker “the land of two suns” for a good reason.  This newly discovered “exoplanet” was discovered back in 2011 and is one of three that orbit a sun far, far away. To date, the Kepler Space Telescope has … Continue reading

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Campo Santo & Olly Moss Release 3 New Prints To Celebrate Their 1 Year Anniversary

Hard to believe but Campo Santo just celebrated their 1 year anniversary!  Given the massive success of Olly’s FIRST print for Firewatch, they are now releasing three all new prints (EXPERIENCE, PROTECT, DEFEND) as a timed release and they are … Continue reading

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Campo Santo Releases The First Trailer To “Firewatch” At PAX 2014 And We Can’t WAIT To Start Playing It…

…the only problem is we HAVE to wait because it doesn’t come out until 2015!  The game is the first from the new studio Campo Santo.  The studio is a new startup comprised of  co-founders, designers Jake Rodkin and Sean … Continue reading

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Javier Vera Lainez Gives Fans Of HBO’s Hit Series “True Detective” 8 New Images To Fawn Over Until The Start Of Season 2

Madrid based graphic designer/ illustrator Javier Vera Lainez has taken his love of the hit HBO series, “True Detective“ to the next level with some sensational prints.  He has done one print per episode in a silhouette style that is reminiscent of … Continue reading

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