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Photographer Philippe Echaroux Turns The Amazon Rainforest Into A Canvas

What better way to bring attention to the plight of the Amazon Rainforest that to turn it into a massive canvas?  French photographer, Philippe Echaroux has taken portraits of the indigenous Suri tribe and then projected them up onto the trees … Continue reading

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Turkish Artist Aydın Büyüktaş Gives Us A Surreal, “Inception-esque” View Of Turkey

When Christopher Nolan released “Inception” back in 2010, it blew our minds much like “The Matrix” did when it was released in 1999.  Now, Turkish artist Aydın Büyüktaş takes us to Istanbul, and shows us the distant land of Turkey … Continue reading

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I Want To…

…recommend Rihanna to play the part of Storm… …see what is on the other side… …take my office decor in an “old school” direction… …scream…”I’m on a boat!” ..know if this is how Spiderman sees things… …babble… …get out of … Continue reading

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I Want To…

…get away from this… …get closer to this… …turn it up… …reflect… …salute the good ole’ red, white and blue… …lay back and enjoy the view… …applaud the Poster Posse for a job well done… …sniff out the truth… …listen … Continue reading

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Introducing Sony’s QX10 and QX 100…aka ‘The Smart Lens’

We here at BLURPPY are constantly blown away by technology and this new product from Sony has just scrambled our minds.  The traditional or OLD SCHOOL way of taking photos was you grab your camera, point and click right?  Well … Continue reading

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The iZZI Orbit – A Premium iPhone 5 Case For Your Inner Ansel Adams

Let’s face it, on a daily basis we all consider ourselves entitled to take and share our photos with the planet.  (Just look at how many the Kardashians’ post!) Sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are literally bombarded with images … Continue reading

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