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Side Project Skateboards Gives Skateboarding A Vintage-Inspired, Recycled Alternative

Next time you head to the skate park or see some kids skating at the local strip mall take a look at their decks.  They are usually beaten, scuffed, covered in stickers and rough around the edges.  (FYI, that is … Continue reading

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Talbotics: Recycled Robots By Artist/ Math Teacher Tal Avitzur

Tal Avitzur is a grown man who never lost his childhood passion for robots.  He spends most of his time scavenging at scrap metal yards in southern California and what he does with the things he finds is quite remarkable.  … Continue reading

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Grove + Maple XO Conjure Up The Stylish iPhone Skateback

Blurppy likes MANY things but we LOVE gadgets and we LOVE recycling & repurposing.  Here’s a lil’ fact you probably didn’t know.  Each week, enough waste material is discarded from one skateboard factory to fill a city bus. Once Grove … Continue reading

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RockAppleWood Offers Beautifully Handcrafted, Unique, Repurposed Wood Docking Stations

RockAppleWood is yet another site that we love for multiple reasons.  They handcraft docking stations for your electronic devices using local reclaimed, fallen, and re-purposed wood from a lil’ town up in Murphys, California.   Yep, good ole’ American made … Continue reading

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Art of Board Presents: ‘SK8 Tile’ – Broken Skateboards, Sustainable Design

Skaters know that you go through boards probably faster than you go through a loaf of bread. In the past you would simply throw them away, disposable transportation that once broken, served no purpose.  Well the folks over at Art … Continue reading

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A Starbucks Coffee Location Built From Recycled Shipping Containers

Recycling shipping containers has become a popular choice for construction over the past few years, and it looks like there is no end to this sustainable building trend. This form of architecture has  grown so much that global addiction giant … Continue reading

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