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Watch The First Trailer For “The Magnificent Seven”

When we first heard that MGM and Columbia were remaking the 1960, John Sturges-directed, classic western, “The Magnificent Seven” we thought they were crazy.  Let’s face it, the original cast included Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Eli … Continue reading

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The 1956 Sci-Fi Classic, “Forbidden Planet” Is Ready For THIS Remake

Directed by Fred M Wilcox, “Forbidden Planet” is considered by many to be a classic in the science fiction genre.  It was the first sci-fi film that let fans see humans travel faster than the speed of light which is … Continue reading

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Watch The First US and UK Trailers To Sam Rami’s Remake Of “Poltergeist”

“Clear your minds… they already know what scares you…” Directed by Tobe Hooper and co-written and produced by Steven Spielberg, the 1982 horror classic, “Poltergeist”, is about to get a redo.  On July 24, 2015 fans of the classic can … Continue reading

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Watch The First Trailer For “RoboCop” And You’ll Believe They Can Put A Man Inside A Machine

Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 version of Robocop has become a fan favorite and made Peter Weller a cult hero.  Sony Pictures is looking to reboot the franchise and capture some of that 1987 magic with their new version when it comes … Continue reading

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Film District Releases An Intense Red Band Trailer For Spike Lee’s “Oldboy”

Spike Lee’s remake of the classic revenge masterpiece by South Korean Director, Park Chan-Wook, looks to be pretty powerful, violent and intense.  Today Film District has released the red band trailer and I have to be honest, it made me … Continue reading

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SACRILEGE? Universal Is Remaking John Hughes 1985 Classic: “Weird Science”

“You know, there’s going to be sex, drugs, rock-n-roll… chips, dips, chains, whips… You know, your basic high school orgy type of thing. I mean, uh, I’m not talking candlewax on the nipples, or witchcraft or anything like that, no, … Continue reading

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