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IMAX Set To Air The Final 2 Episodes Of Season 4 For HBO’s “Game of Thrones” & Offering Commemorative Prints By Robert Ball!

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is a ratings juggernaut and its fans are some of the most loyal around.  IMAX is set to blaze a new path by offering the final two episodes of season four on their massive screens.  This … Continue reading

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Artist Warwick Johnson Cadwell Bleeds Pure Awesomeness

Warwick Johnson Cadwell is a professional illustrator working in editorial illustration, concept design, storyboarding and narrative art in some form or another.  What first attracted me to his work was this fantastic image of Dr. Strange.  I absolutely love his … Continue reading

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I Want To…

…blink every time I see this one… …read more… …know why I feel like this EVERY Monday morning… …read this book NOW instead of waiting until November…. …embrace the Dark…. …move HERE before the pending zombie apocalypse begins…. …congratulate Tracie … Continue reading

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Robert Ball: FIfty Goodies & Fifty Badies – Art That Pits Good VS Evil

Robert Ball is a talented designer/ illustrator who lives in London, England.  He came up with a concept surrounding good and evil.  The first is entitled “Fifty Goodies”.  As the title suggest, it is focused on good guys/ gals from … Continue reading

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