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Paul Johnson’s Animated Star Wars Short Film, “TIE FIGHTER” Left Us Craving More!

They just don’t make ’em like they use to.  Because of this, Paul Johnson took matters into his own hands and over the course of four years….yes, we said four YEARS, he created an homage to Star Wars that deserves … Continue reading

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Watch As Nerdist.Com Debuts The Short Film: “The Final Moments Of Karl Brant” Staring Paul Reubens

After a great response from their fans at a screening during San Diego Comic Con, the Nerdist has just released the short film: “The Final Moments Of Karl Brant” to the masses.  Written and directed by M. F. Wilson— the … Continue reading

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22 Year Old Kaleb Lechowski Delivers An Awesome Sci-Fi Short Film Called “R’ha”

We’ve seen tons of sci-fi flicks where either aliens invade earth or like in the Terminator franchise, it’s man against machine.  Kaleb Lechowski goes one step further and shows us what it might look like if it was machine VS. … Continue reading

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Enter The Mama Scared Stiff Contest And Guillermo del Toro Will Judge If You Are Worthy Of A Prize

On January 18th Mama is set to haunt your nightmares.  Produced by Guillermo del Toro  this  supernatural thriller that tells the haunting tale of two little girls who disappeared into the woods the day that their parents were killed. When … Continue reading

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“ITEM 47” Marvel’s Upcoming Short Film Gets Its Own Poster

Starring Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford, Item 47, takes place after the Avengers have thwarted the devastating alien invasion that hit Manhattan. Caplan and Bradford play an ordinary, down on their luck, couple that stumbles upon one of the super-powered … Continue reading

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Disassembled – Marvel’s Mightiest Being…Not So Mighty

Junaid Chundrigar has been drawing ever since he was a kid.  He grew up in Amsterdam and last year he graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts where he studied animation. His graduation short, “Sheeped Away“- about a farmer, UFO’s … Continue reading

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