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Skullcandy + Wrecked Metals = A Kick-Ass Custom Harley & Limited Edition Headphones

Superior sound and style your thing?  Like it chopped, dropped and chromed out?  Well when these two worlds collide, you get a fantastic collaboration between Skullcandy and Wrecked Metals.  The end result  is limited-edition pairs of Skullcandy’s Aviator headphones and … Continue reading

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SkullCandy Brings Kate Upton Back In The Mix For Part 2 Of Bring A Supermodel To Work Featuring Big Boi and Stevie Johnson

Last May we wrote about Episode 1.  NO, NOT STAR WARS, Episode 1 of Take A Supermodel To Work.  Newly signed Skullcandy spokesperson Kate Upton was the centerpiece and it stared Kevin Durant and James Harden.  Well here we are … Continue reading

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Skullcandy Unleashes Their All New Supermodel Crew On The Masses

Back in May we showed you what happens when you take a supermodel to work but Skullcandy has upped the anty and brought their original supermodel spokesperson, Kate Upton, some backup.  Now instead of one amazing beauty sharing their love … Continue reading

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Skullcandy’s Take a Supermodel to Work: Episode 1 – Kate Upton, Kevin Durant, James Harden

As promised, here is more Kate Upton to get you through the day.  Forget take your kid to work day – today is Take a Supermodel to Work Day.  Watch what happens when Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model and member … Continue reading

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