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Golden Globe Winners – The Complete List

Hollywood and TV peeps came out one and all for this years 73rd Golden Globe Awards.  Ricky Gervais was crass, Lady Gaga was radiant, Ridley Scott paid tribute to his brother, Amy Schumer nicknamed herself “A.Schu”, and Jamie Foxx pulled a … Continue reading

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Open Road Films Releases The First Clip From The Upcoming Steve Jobs Biopic Entitled: jOBS

After watching this clip I found myself “missing” Steve Jobs.  Ashton Kutcher does a great job at portraying the late mastermind’s passion and even looks like a young version of Jobs.  In the clip we see Steve Jobs, (Kutcher) and … Continue reading

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Watch Tim Cook’s Full Interview from Last Month’s D10 Conference

Last month at the D10 conference Tim Cook was interviewed by journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.  Today, the full 100 minute video of that interview is available over on  APPLE INSIDER.  Tim talks about his viewing of the future … Continue reading

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Pixar’s Hidden Secrets: ‘The Lucky 7 Lounge’ and “The Love Lounge”

Behold the panel that hides the secret panel to Pixar’s hidden, secret ‘Lucky 7 Lounge”.  This is the type of thing that my Marm and I LOVE!  Secret passages, safe rooms, stairs that lead to nowhere, hidden compartments, it all … Continue reading

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iCEO: Steve Jobs Immortalized As a Plush Doll By Throwboy

                                               Innovator. Leader. Dreamer. Once in our generation, if we’re lucky, someone who truly personifies these three extraordinary traits will come along and change our  world. This one man taught us a philosophy that was simple and complex, made us … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: Great Advice….

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