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DC Releases 10 Variant Covers From Some Of The Industry’s Biggest Artists For “Superman Unchained”

I’ll tell you what, Kryptonians age better than us Earthlings.  Superman is turning 75 and he looks pretty good for an old alien.  Since his first appearance in Action Comics #1 The Man of Steel has been protecting, saving and … Continue reading

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Scott Snyder’s American Vampire VOL.5 Debuts At #2 On New York Times Bestseller List (And Deservedly SO!)

If you have read any of our Scott Snyder / DC articles you know that we worship the ground this breakthrough writer walks on.  (At some point we may even get a Scott Snyder influenced tattoo but that is up … Continue reading

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DC’s Scott Snyder And Jim Lee Talk About “Superman Unchained” and “Batman: Zero Year”

The lucky folks over at Nerdist got a chance to talk to writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Lee at WonderCon about two of this summer’s most anticipated DC Comic books, “Superman Unchained” and “Batman: Zero Year”  We first wrote … Continue reading

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Happy 75th Birthday Superman

This year marks the 75th birthday of Superman.  The Man of Steel was created by American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian-born American artist Joe Shuster in 1932 and sold to Detective Comics, Inc. (later DC Comics) in 1938.  Superman made … Continue reading

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DC Announces “Superman Unchained” Is Hitting Shelves 6/12/13, Watch An Interview As Scott Snyder and Jim Lee Discuss The Project

When we first heard at last year’s New York Comic Con, that writer extraordinaire, Scott Snyder and DC’s legendary artist Jim Lee were collaborating on the upcoming Superman Unchained series, my head nearly exploded.   Seriously?  These two working on the … Continue reading

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