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EverDock Isn’t Picky About Which Device It Charges

EverDock isn’t picking sides when it comes to which device it will charge and that’s pretty refreshing.  In fact not only is it compatible with both Android and iOS devices but it is designed to support virtually any tablet or … Continue reading

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Imaginism and Studio NX Bring A Fully Animated Comic Book Project: “NIKO and the Sword of Light” To Kickstarter

A boy alone in a savage land, fighting the forces of darkness. His people are all but gone, his kingdom destroyed apart from one surviving relic: a magical sword of light that was forged by gods, which will help this … Continue reading

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Looking For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? Zing Revolution Has You Covered…Literally

Each year, February 14th strikes fear into the hearts of boyfriends, husbands and others as they scramble to find a unique, special gift for their significant other on that special day called Valentine’s Day.  Well take a deep breath and … Continue reading

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Decide.com Tells You When And Where To Buy Your Electronics

Ready to go spend your hard earned money on the next must-have techy gadget?  Tired of finding it days later at a lower price?  We feel your pain and so does Decide.  Decide is a service dedicated to helping consumers … Continue reading

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