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Sony’s “Ghostbusters” Offers First-Ever Front & Rear-Facing Lens On Snapchat

It’s probably the first thing you do each day, you reach for your digital device of choice and you check to see what the new Snapchat theme of the day is.  You “snap” your pic, send it to all your … Continue reading

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Introducing Sony’s QX10 and QX 100…aka ‘The Smart Lens’

We here at BLURPPY are constantly blown away by technology and this new product from Sony has just scrambled our minds.  The traditional or OLD SCHOOL way of taking photos was you grab your camera, point and click right?  Well … Continue reading

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Rock & Talk In The Shower With This Bluetooth, Water Resistant Speaker By Abco Tech

It seems inevitable, as soon as you get in the shower, the phone rings.  How about, you are finally listening to an interview or show on Sirius Satellite radio that you have been waiting for all day but you have … Continue reading

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Move Over JARVIS, Leap Motion Is Coming July 22nd And Even Tony Stark Wants One

If you marveled at the tech Tom Cruise used in Minority Report or were blown away by the world of JARVIS created by Tony Stark in the Iron Man series then you are in for a treat.  XBOX KINECT uses … Continue reading

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MeCam – Never Miss A Moment With This Wearable HD Video Camera

Technology is on a blistering pace and at this rate, Skynet may take over the planet ahead of schedule.  That being said, I LOVE all the gadgets and tech that continues to pour into the marketplace and one of our … Continue reading

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Futuristic Leica Concept Camera From 23 Year Old Industrial Designer Vincent Sall

  This concept piece completely captivated us.  It is so different and so unusual that we had to learn more about it. Vincent Sall is a 23 year old industrial designer from northern Sweden.  He is currently a student but … Continue reading

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