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IDW Takes Us Back In Time With: “Superman: Golden Age Sundays Volume 2, 1946-1949”

Before the internet, before cable and DVR’s, before cell phones and social media people would read something called a “newspaper” to get information about their local and world news and events. On every Sunday, within those paper pages, there was … Continue reading

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Ross Callaghan Turns Simple Scissors & Knives Into Weapons Of Mass Creativity

Student/ artist Ross Callaghan has launched a Kickstarter project that caught my attention based off one piece…Puny God.  I’m a big fan of the Hulk.  His massive proportions, his unbridled rage and of course, his tattered purple pants make him … Continue reading

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DC Announces “Superman Unchained” Is Hitting Shelves 6/12/13, Watch An Interview As Scott Snyder and Jim Lee Discuss The Project

When we first heard at last year’s New York Comic Con, that writer extraordinaire, Scott Snyder and DC’s legendary artist Jim Lee were collaborating on the upcoming Superman Unchained series, my head nearly exploded.   Seriously?  These two working on the … Continue reading

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