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The First Trailer For Fox’s Batman Prequel: “Gotham” Will Give You Goose Bumps

“Fear doesn’t need conquering… fear tells you where the edge is….” Easily one of the most anticipated upcoming TV series, “Gotham” tells the story of rookie police officer James Gordon well before he takes the roll of Commissioner.  In a … Continue reading

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DC Reveals An Awesome All-New Batman Action Figure Line By Greg Capullo Aaaaaand We Want Them All…

Today may be one of those days where we just pick a topic and RUN with it.  That’s pretty easy to do when the topic is DC Comics, World’s Greatest Detective, Batman.  This year the Dark Knight celebrates his 75th … Continue reading

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BrickBaron Makes Batman Fans Everywhere Scream “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” With His LEGO Joker’s Funhouse

Look out folks because if you are one of the following… A Batman fan A Lego fan Lover of all that is “awesome” …then this is gonna take you to a whole new level of craving and desiring.  BrickBaron has … Continue reading

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The Batkid “Rises” In His Very Own Poster…KAPOW!

The crew at Screen Crush had a very cool exclusive about this awesome new “Batkid Rise” poster.  If you aren’t sure just WHO Batkid is…shame on you!  He is the most recent superhero to show his true colors and fight … Continue reading

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Watch This Alternate Timeline Concept Piece By Denis Medri Called “Batman Rockabilly”

Batman Rockabilly is the brainchild of Denis Medri, and Italian cartoonist and  freelance illustrator.  Here is what he had to say about the project.  (I have translated the Italian as best I could.) “One day in my head appeared the … Continue reading

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Olly Moss Selling “A Rogue Gallery Of Villains” Tomorrow December 22!

There is no denying the man’s popularity.  Olly Moss prints always sell out in record time.  What if I told you there was going to be a 24 hour sale for 3 of his prints?  Looking at Olly’s TWITTER feed … Continue reading

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