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E3 Gives Us A Look Behind The Scenes At “Star Wars: Battlefront”…Which Is A Bad Thing Because NOW It Is All We Can Think About!

“Do or do not… there is no try…” A wise person once told me, “you can never have enough Star Wars,” and I tend to agree with that.  (So long as Jar Jar and Ewoks are far removed.) Anyhow, yesterday … Continue reading

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Late To The Game Of Thrones Party? Watch This Video & Catch Up In 60 Seconds

So, if you DON’T watch HBO’s Game Of Thrones, and I’m assuming that there are about 5 of you out there, and you keep hearing alllllll this great stuff about Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen, AKA “Dany” then THIS video is a … Continue reading

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Check Out Artist Paul Shipper’s Latest Venture: “The Birth Of Whiiite” Comic Book

When someone of the artistic caliber of Paul Shipper states, “I have a new appreciation…” towards something art related then you know ya gotta listen.  Such is the case with Paul’s latest endeavor, his first cover to cover, fully illustrated … Continue reading

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Looking For That Perfect Gift? How About An Oscar Mayer Bacon Gift Box?

“When words aren’t enough…say it…with BACON” Ohhhh Oscar Mayer, your salty goodness is the stuff that dreams are made of. (WHOA! THAT did NOT sound right.)  Let’ face it, Bacon is the food of the Gods.  On Mt. Olympus there … Continue reading

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Watch The Title Sequence For Man Of Steel…Superman Is Among Us…

Ok, I have said this plenty of times but June 14th can’t get here soon enough.  I know, I know, you shouldn’t wish your life away but I REALLY want to see Man of Steel.  The more I look at … Continue reading

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Watch This Cool VW Camper Video From 1974

VW bugs have been around forever but due to their diminutive size they are limited as to what they can be used for.  Well 1974 called and said, “What you talking about?”  Watch as a VW bug becomes a campers … Continue reading

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