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Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure With Over 2000 Characters!

Scribblenauts has proven itself to be one of the more popular games out there and now, they are about to become even MORE popular.  5th Cell and Warner Bros have just announced a new game based on the popular Scribblenauts … Continue reading

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Secret Poster For The Dark Knight Rises, Selina Sends Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and kisses from Selina.  No, Not Selena Gomez, we are talking about a secret new poster that features Selina Kyle, or at least her heel.  Thanks to Brad, over at Batman-News we have this ‘secret’ image. By following the … Continue reading

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Warner Bros. And DC Release The First Images To Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ Animated Feature

1986 was a magical year.   Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’  wrote The Watchmen and Frank Miller wrote a four-book mini-series that would change comics forever, Batman – The Dark Knight Returns.  This book literally changed my course as it was … Continue reading

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Haunting Poster and Trailer for ‘The Apparition’, Once You Believe, You Die

Written and Directed by Todd Lincoln, The Apparition deals with the paranormal and what happens when you mess with it.  Warner Brothers has released the poster and trailer and they both look spooky.  I have a wee bit of a … Continue reading

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