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Everybody In Star Trek Wants To Sit In The Kirk’s Chair…

Funny how the image of JJ has a bit of a lens flare between Zoe and Zachary.  I want to sit in that chair! Source Advertisements

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It’s Spock VS Spock In This “Fascinating” Audi Commercial

Audi is once again partnering with a formidable ally.  First they joined forces with Tony Stark for Iron Man 3 and now, they are working with 2 of the smartest and most logical individuals in the Universe, Spock… and Spock.  … Continue reading

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Watch The New Teaser For J.J. Abrams Sci-Fi Action Thriller “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Since I am craving all things related to Star Trek Into Darkness, I was thrilled to see a new teaser trailer pop up.  This one gives us all new footage and only stokes the fire that burns within me to … Continue reading

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Watch The Super Bowl Trailer For Star Trek Into Darkness Featuring A Cocky Cumberbatch

“I am better” “At what?” “Everything…” So as I painfully watched Ray Lewis get his Super Bowl victory I rewound my DVR to rewatch the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness.  Cumberbatch is going to be an awesome baddie in … Continue reading

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Watch The New Teaser Trailer For J.J. Abrams Upcoming “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Ok, so how many of you went to see The Hobbit this weekend and were JUST as excited to watch the 9 minute preview of the upcoming Star Trek movie as you were to see the actual feature?  It looks … Continue reading

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